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MTAM Professional Development Program

Professional development and continuing competence is the ability to continually enhance and expand knowledge and performance of skills to practice safe, competent and ethical care as a massage therapist.

Continuing competency is a cornerstone of ethical, professional and competent practice in health care. The MTAM implemented a compulsory Continuing Education program in 2002 and currently all MTAM members participate in the Professional Development Program which includes completing annual self-assessment. 

"MTAM massage therapists are the only RMTs in the province that have a fully-monitored Continuing Competency Program (not audit-based) and our members believe in and welcome continuous professional development..."


Information for Professional Course Providers

The MTAM currently approves education courses which members may use to fulfill their professional development goals. The MTAM Professional Development Committee meets regularly with the responsibility to review continuing education workshops, seminars, and courses for possible continuing competency credits.


Please Note: It may take up to 8 weeks to complete a course review.

To complete the process, the Committee requires detailed information from a course provider/instructor who is seeking credit approval.  Please apply:


Contact MTAM if you have any questions.