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7th Annual Massage Therapy Research Symposium


The MTAM Research Symposium is an annual event that is organized by MTAM's very own Research committee!

This year’s we are excited to have 3 great presenters!

Sara Bohunicky is back! She has completed her multi year study and will be presenting the final results of her study Myofascial release of the pectoral fascia: Effect on shoulder posture, pectoral length, muscle activity, and movement performance. Learn how short, but specific treatments to the pectoral fascia can result in significant changes in shoulder posture and function.

Mylena Medeiros, PT will discuss a new innovation called the Therasuit. The Therasuit works as an intensive individualized physical active training which accelerates functional progress for children/youth with neuromotor disorders. The program uses the Therasuit (a soft canvas suit with bungee-like cords attached created by NASA) and the Universal Exercise Unit (“Spider Cage”) to support learning new and correct patterns of movement through improved biomechanical alignment, strength and functional skills. This intensive training results in rapid strengthening of neural connections to optimize the client’s functional capacities which have the most influence on the quality of life. 

Dr. Katinka Stecina  is a neuroscience researcher at the University of Manitoba and will present Neuroscience for therapists: neurons, posture and training. Dr. Stecina will discuss the latest research in posture and training. She will discuss how this research impacts what we know about postural retraining for our clients and treatment implications. 

*Join us in person to have open networking and discussion time with these amazing presenters!

Please register by visiting the MTAM Coming Events page on the MTAM website.