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Thai Massage on the Table


Thai Massage is fun, easy to learn and is gentle on the practitioner’s body because it focuses on using the weight of the body in an ergonomic fashion that combines dynamic rocking movements to apply pressure on the recipient by using palm pressure, forearm rolls, elbow pressure, kneading and thumb acupressure. This is an excellent technique for practitioners of all body shapes, sizes and capabilities.

Unlike other forms of Massage, Thai Massage uses no oils, and the recipient remains fully clothed. Although this is the traditional form of performing Thai Massage, it is completely possible to take many elements of the practice and infuse it into any other form of body therapy that uses oils and draping techniques.

Learn a combination of Northern and Southern style Thai Massage and Passive Thai Yoga Stretches, as it can be applied on the Massage Table - the practitioner has the option to either stay on the floor, or to move up and on/off the Table. Many possibilities will be explored.

Learn a 60 - 90 min. full body Thai Massage to include a flowing sequence for the entire body, working from the feet up to the head. 

A PDF reading assignment will be in advance of the course, in addition to a YouTube ‘Introduction to Sen Energy Lines’ video. 

A Workbook with pictures and step-by-step abbreviations for all Thai Yoga Massage sequences and an Unlimited 90-day Video On-Demand Access to the Zoom recordings of a similar training event are included.

Please register by visiting the MTAM Coming Events page on the MTAM website.

**No refunds will be given for cancellations from two weeks prior to the course onwards. Emergency situations will always be considered. Please note, last minute emergency cancellations are subject to a 10% administration fee based on the cost of the course.