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Complaints & Concerns

Our Members are held accountable to a high level of professional standards

When practitioners join the MTAM, they elect to be accountable to expected nationally-accepted standards. The MTAM is in a challenging, unregulated environment where we carefully balance being a member-supportive association while also working to ensure the public has a place to come to when standards are not met. 

Further complicating this in Manitoba is that there are other organizations representing smaller numbers of practitioners doing massage. These organizations have different qualifying criteria, standards, and expectations of their members. 

The Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba expects members to practice massage therapy ethically and competently. When they do not, we work with them to improve their competencies.


Important! The MTAM can only investigate complaints related to our members and does not investigate sexual assault or insurance fraud. We cannot address anonymous complaints.

Sexual Assault: To report a sexual assault call 9-1-1 in emergency situations or local emergency services where 911 is not available or 204-986-6222 for non-emergency situations. To speak to a detective from the Winnipeg Police Sex Crimes Unit in confidence, call 204-986-6245

Insurance Fraud:  If you have witnessed or have information about insurance fraud or a potential crime, you can:

  • File a report with local police and/or a provincial Crime Stoppers 
  • Make an anonymous call, 24/7, to 1-877-IBC-TIPS (422-8477)
  • Complete an anonymous online tip form  to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

The MTAM has an arms-length Complaints Investigation team made up of a professional Ethics Advisor and a retired Police Officer/investigator who review potential misconduct cases.

All complaints, concerns or reports of possible ethics violations with respect to MTAM members are handled directly by the Executive Director, in confidence. 

To Make a Complaint

1) Determine if the massage therapist is a member of the MTAM. You can look on their professional receipt for an MTAM registered number (MT####) or search on 

2) We then require a written complaint to be filed with the Association by email to the Executive Director, Tricia Weidenbacher at or by mail to175 Marion Street | Winnipeg, Manitoba | R2H 0T3

3) We will review the complaint and determine if we can resolve the complaint informally or send the complaint for review to the Complaints Investigation team to gather more information and provide a report and recommendation to the MTAM. The investigation team may need to interview you. We cannot address anonymous complaints.

4) The Executive Director will then provide you with a written notice of a decision, the reasons for the decision, and any actions we will commit too. Please see the process document below for a list of common decisions and resolutions.

What to include in your complaint

1) Please include your name and contact information.

2) Write a concise description of the incident/situation/problem. Include the name of the RMT, location of the service, date, times, and any pertinent details.

3) Include copies of relevant documents, like receipts, photos, and supporting information. You also may want to send copies of emails and notes from conversations you have had with the massage therapist about the problem. Please keep your originals.

I Have a Concern Only, Not a Formal Complaint

If you have a concern about an MTAM member, but do not want to make an official complaint, please phone the Executive Director directly: 204-927-7977 or email