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Each year, there are a number of community organizations looking for RMT's to help them provide massage therapy for wellness days, post-event massage for sporting events, walks, runs, and a host of other great opportunities.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, earn professional development credits, reach potential new clients and for that great feeling you get when you give back to your community! Check back often to see who needs your help...

Volunteer Opportunity

ATP Challenger Event (Professional Tennis)

Date: August 13th to 17th

Location: 48 Holland Rd, Access Centre, West St. Paul.

Contact: Richard Girardin, Medical Coordinator


Phone: 204.688.5863

Description: As the Medical Coordinator for the ATP Challenger event, I am inviting members of MTAM to volunteer during this exciting professional tennis tournament. Our event hosts top-tier athletes from around the world, who often require exceptional care and support during their rigorous training and competition. Volunteering at our ATP Challenger provides a unique opportunity for members to work with high-calibre athletes and the ATP.