COVID-19 Updates


The Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba Board of Directors would like our members to assist us in moving the organization to an almost paperless way of doing business.

The Board and Committees have been moving to paperless meetings over the last year and so have led the way!

Obviously some items, like your Member Certificates, require printing and some printing is nice to have when you are attending a course, conference or for ease of administration. So we are reasonable we may not be able to go completely paperless, but our goal is to reduce as much as we can.


In addition to the costs involved in sending, copying and printing so many documents, it is the right thing to do for the environment. To make the transition less daunting, we will introduce one or two changes at a time so it is easy for you to get on board...


Help us by sending your application documents and education credit related certificates, reports and documents by EMAIL to
Scans, PDF, jpgs, and PHONE PICTURES are awesome.

Fax machines use paper and additional energy. 


Help us by filling out online workshop and course feedback forms in 2018.

We will begin to send these out after every event we do, but we really need the feedback to make improvements so we want to ensure you take a minute to fill it out. Traditionally we have had to photocopy forms for each person at every event --- we will start this transition by having a few forms available at each event but reminding you to give your feedback online.

The sheer volume of photocopying for this is a great expense to the Association, but currently it means we also need to do data entry for every event to combine your thoughts and feedback for the presenters.