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Tammy Blanchette ~ Education & Continuing Competency Committee Chair

Tammy is a graduate of Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy. She has had a lifelong interest in science and biology and is dedicated to continued education. She enjoys ballroom dancing, hiking, and making her own oil and lotion blends. Tammy is a fan of history and philosophy and stays balanced with a healthy dose of skepticism. She was an active member with the MTAM Conference & Events Committee before taking on the role as Chair of the Education & Continuing Competency Committee.

Why did you choose to become an RMT?  

I chose the massage therapy field because I have always liked science and anatomy, and I wanted to learn more about body mechanics and injury recovery.  

What do you like best about your job?  

I like working for myself, and that I can have a home practice, and all the aspects of running my own business.  

What advice would you give new RMTs?  

Take it slow, take care of yourself. Massage Therapy can be hard on the body, practice self care.  

Why did you choose to join MTAM?  

The professionalism that I saw when I dealt with the staff, and knowing that with regulation on the way, they are going to be the best equiped to guide me through that process.  

What’s your favourite MTAM member benefit?  

Knowing that I have a place to go to if I have any practice questions or issues. The staff at MTAM are knowledgeable and dedicated to providing useful feedback