COVID-19 Updates

Spotlight Course!

New format to allow CPR Level-C Recertifications to safely resume!


MTAM has continued to work with our CPR instructor, Tori Webber, to create a process that allows you to safely re-certify your Level-C CPR while following appropriate physical distancing guidelines set out by the Province of Manitoba.

Normally an online format is not an acceptable method of delivery for a CPR course. However, Tori has recommended a combination of online delivery of the lecture with an in-person practical component. This will allow for the instructor to observe participants and allow the participant an opportunity to ask questions and receive direct feedback. 

How will this new format work?
A new CPR event listing has been created for the Coming Events page of the MTAM website. 

Please register by visiting the MTAM Coming Events page on the MTAM website.

Once you have completed your registration and payment has been received, you’ll be sent an email which will include:

  • A link to view the lecture portion of the course.
  • A notification of your specific appointment time for that day. Every effort will be made to accomodate requests for specific times however we ask that if you select a particular date, that you are available at any time during that 3 hour time period. This will help us schedule as many members as possible in the coming weeks and address the high number of members who need to recertify at this time.
  • A declaration form that you must complete in order to receive your education credits

What will the practical/hands-on component look like?
In order for you to receive your CPR Level-C recertification card, you must show the instructor that you can perform the hands-on compressions.

Each practical portion is scheduled for 15 minutes.
You will be given an appointment to come to the MTAM office. Please arrive as close to your scheduled time as possible. You will be asked to wait outside until we are ready for you. Participants should take care to stand 2 metres apart when they are waiting outside the office. You will be asked screening questions as you enter the office.

Four participants will be scheduled per time slot. Participants will enter the building through the main front door where you will be greeted and shown where to wait. Hand sanitizer will be available and we ask that you wear a mask during your visit to the MTAM office.

Participants will be assigned a number from 1-4 and will proceed to the appropriate station in the Education Centre. Stations will be clearly marked to help participants maintain a minimum 2 metre distance from each other.

The instructor will lead you in the practical work and upon completion you will be given your CPR card and may exit through the Education Centre door.

An MTAM staff member will be present to open the door for you.

Yay! You have completed the first ever two part CPR Level C recertification!

  • Please ensure that you come prepared and on time to the practical portion to allow the MTAM staff and Tori to safely follow physical distancing and sanitizing of the space for each group. 
  • You must complete both the online and in-person components in order to receive your CPR level C re-certification and education credits .*