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Stephanie Oteyza ~ Vice President, Regional Chair, Inclusive Practice Chair 

Stephanie is the current Vice President and chairs both the Regional and Inclusive Practice committees. Stephanie is from Winnipeg, MB, and graduated in 2004 from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy (PIMT).

After working in different environments in Winnipeg, she was asked to be a supervisor at PIMT, and not long after that became an instructor. An untimely injury kept Steph back from a career change to law enforcement, and in 2010 she moved to Brandon. With a busy full-time practice, a change was welcomed in 2017 when Stephanie returned to Instructing at Robertson’s Brandon campus.

Why did you choose to become an RMT?  

As a child I was pretty active and suffered a couple of injuries. I was always enthralled with
 the work that the PTs and ATs did. When I started going for massage therapy treatments at age 12, my RMT was very professional, knowledgeable, and patient. The benefits not only to my injuries, but my whole body were astounding. They really made a difference in my health and wellness.  

What do you like best about your job?  

I enjoy my colleagues who I get to work with every day. I like that every single client has different needs, and requires a different treatment plan. This isn’t a “cookie cutter” profession.  

What advice would you give new RMTs?

A career as an RMT takes time, and it is a progression. The amount of growth that happens once you finish school is immense.  

Why did you choose to join MTAM?  

I was a member of another association right out of school, and I didn’t feel like I was a part of a professional community. I felt like I was missing professional development opportunities and wasn’t completely in touch with the profession.  

What’s your favourite MTAM member benefit?  

The amazing free education offered by MTAM and of course PERKOPOLIS!